We would like to send out our most sincere thank you to everyone that has helped in our effort to recall three of the OASD Board Members. A special thank you goes out to everyone that volunteered at our signature collection events and those that took it upon themselves to collect signatures throughout the past two months.

It is with great disappointment, but absolutely no regret, that we are announcing that our efforts have fallen short. The deadline for collecting signatures has past and we are short of the required number to force recall elections. We knew at the onset of our mission that gaining the required signatures would be difficult, but it is still our unwavering belief that the majority of citizens within OASD share our values and principles. We are grateful for those who believed in what we set out to do and supported our cause.


Our mission remains unchanged and matters more than ever. We hope this effort has put a spotlight on the views of certain board members and opened the eyes of our incredible community. Elections do have consequences! We are confident that, in part due to our recall effort, the citizens of Oconomowoc will be more diligent in vetting future candidates who chose to run for the OASD School Board and other positions.

We will be continuing our efforts to hold School Board Members accountable for accurately representing the community. In addition, we are working on creating a platform that will spotlight issues that affect the Oconomowoc community. Please stay tuned. 



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